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Boost the heat from your radiators

The Radfan Classic

Attaches to your radiator and distributes warm air evenly around your room.

The Radfan Extra

Adds a cooling air circulation feature for the summer.

The Aromafan

Contains a refillable fragrance pack to help freshen your room.

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How it Works

By turning the convected heat through 90 degrees so that it is projected out into rooms at waist height rather than getting trapped behind curtains or stuck under protruding internal window ledges.

Radfan accelerates room warm up by re-directing the warm air instead of allowing it to simply rise to the ceiling and then gradually make its way down.

Easy Installation

The Radfan is perfect for radiators small and large. The magnets secure it on to both single and double panel radiators.


Thanks to its size and magnetic fixings the Radfan can easily be moved from room to room. For that lazy afternoon in your reading corner or the occasional day in the home office you can bring the warmth with you.

Forget About It

The built in thermostat means the Radfan runs itself and won't bother you at all. When the radiator is hot, your Radfan turns itself on.

Keep The Heat In

For radiators under windows the Radfan reduces heat lost through the window by 35%. Keep the warmth in your home and stop warming up the great outdoors.

Proven Energy Savings

Radfan has been extensively trialled and tested in labs and real world homes to make sure that the Radfan helps customers feel warmer and reduces their energy bills.

Find out more about Radfan Energy Savings

Assembled in The UK

Assembled in the UK, with over 70,000 units sold since its introduction in 2013, Radfan is the leading radiator mounted fan.